Carol ProffittI joined Holy Cross in 1991 and never gave a thought to it having to close the doors. Various reasons like low membership and donations were not enough to keep it going. Pastor Tom Thierfelder came to our rescue in January of 2013. His Church, Messiah in Aspen was facing the same problems. It was decided to sell both buildings, join memberships and forge ahead in hopes of building a new Church home in Carbondale. Although it has been a hardship giving up our Church buildings, it was something that had to be done. With old members staying together and new members joining, I pray that Faith Lutheran can grow and self-contain a Pastor and a new Church building. I have enjoyed getting to meet and know my new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Carol Proffitt

Nancy BirkholzI’ve been a Lutheran all my life, but this is my first opportunity to take part in starting a brand new church here in the Roaring Fork Valley. I feel like God is giving us this “spirit-filled adventure” as a chance to reach out to people who may be looking for a church, have never had a church relationship, or are simply looking for help with life’s problems. I am very excited about all the possibilities God has in store for us here at Faith Lutheran. May His will be done!

Nancy Birkholz